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All India Marriage Bureau Welfare Association :: B.Muralidhar Rao (President for TS) | B.Arjuna Rao (Secretary for AP,TS & Hyderabad Dist. Marriage Bureaus Director) B. Muralidhar Rao B. Arjun Rao
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We being VELAMAS & members of AIVA bearing ID NO: 5616 & 5664 a resident of Hyderabad are into VELAMAS BALAJI MATRIMONY matrimonial Consultancy services for VELAMAS community for First/Second /Late/Divorcee /Inter Caste / Widow/Widower @ LOCAL or ABROAD.

We are also a part of ALL INDIA MARRIAGE BUREAU ASSOCIATION (47/2010) by we which we have mutual contacts with no. of matrimonies throughout INDIA. Due to this we can render our services quickly, Provides genuine service, being in the market since 6 years.

We are also into the market by various ways, either through Newspapers /Social Media/through known contacts /SMS marketing, Tele Marketing etc. Since it’s a Matrimonial Consultancy definitely we will be getting calls from everywhere.

Nowadays you might have come across few fake matrimony,

To justify ourselves,

Here we are sending all the details regarding ourselves the VELAMAS BALAJI MATRIMONY.

After going through the details & if you are convinced, you can take an enrollment

Registration will be valid till your marriage is set, and its non refundable & transferable.

After receiving your Bio data with complete details, we take minimum I week time to start the process of match making , once profile is set we will send you an email, and will be informed on phone.

Bride’s profiles will be given utmost privacy, without your knowledge the profiles will not be shown or sent to anyone

Firstly GROOMS profile with basic details will be sent to the BRIDE, and if they are interested than the brides details will be sent.

If both the parties are interested in that, contact details will be exchanged

Parties are supposed to make appropriate enquiries to satisfy themselves before coming to conclusion. i.e complete background verification must be done by both the parties.

Meetings will be arranged at our office premises, at your own expenses, if both the parties are done with the details.

If the match is confirmed though no conditions applicable form our side, we do expect settlement fees which you can give willingly, whatever you wish ,with respect to market conditions and that must be given before engagement, which can be useful to expand our business as well as for social cause.

Both the parties must submit ID Proof, SSC Certificate, degree convocation, job details with pay slips, bank statement (Business) at the time of meeting, with 3 reference phone numbers (Relatives / Friends ).

After meeting minimum one week time will be given for both the parties to give your confirmation to BALAJI MATRIMONY, either YES or NO.

Unfortunately if the match is not confirmed, due to various reasons than the same service will be given to you until the match is set and again you will not be charged.

If the data is found incomplete or miscellaneous, the profile will not be considered and the registration will be canalled without any prior notice.

Bajaj Matrimony will held responsible only in introduction of both the parties

BALAJI MATRIMONY will not hold any responsible/liable in any manner what so ever for any consequences in future.

As it is a matrimonial consultancy. We will definitely assist you in getting suitable and perfect match, but your cooperation is required, in giving service after getting registered.

We hope you co-operate us to send you the suitable matches as per your requirement

We give utmost privacy for every profile, without your knowledge we will not post your profile in any web sites and your contact details will not be given to anyone.

Velamas Balaji Matrimony is associated with few marriage bureau associations across the state , by which we interact with number of matrimonial across the state

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